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You and your dreams
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Premonitory dreams

We've all heard about dreams that foretell the future and perhaps you've already had a premonitory dream. From time immemorial, Man has believed that dreams could be premonitions.

Premonitory dreams
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Even the most famous people haven't been able to escape from them; it is said that Julius Caesar dreamt of his own assassination... Today, such dreams are the driving force behind Steven Spielberg's film "Minority Report". But does this phenomenon actually correspond to real-life? But what are they really all about? Are they mere coincidences or real premonitions?

Nocturnal intuition

My dream was a premonition! A theory often put forward is that premonitory dreams are just down to our brain's powers of deduction! In fact, our brain is able to record lots of details and other information subconsciously. But our grey matter carries on working during the night! So some scientists think that during the stages of sleep, our brain sifts through, classifies and records moments during the day and memories in general. In this way, various facts that had escaped you but that you know without being aware of it, are gathered together to form a whole, which can easily come to you in a dream. It isn't a vision, but a conclusion you've reached subconsciously.

How your nights influence you...

You're looking for a flat and you dream that you're moving out of your studio flat and into a three-roomed one with a balcony. Then the following month, you move into a three-roomed flat with a balcony! But actually, hasn't your choice been affected, either consciously or subconsciously, by what you saw in your dream that you thought would be perfect? Besides, your dreams expressed your subconscious wish, that's for sure. So it's not really surprising that you tried to find in real life what you really wished for deep down! In this case, it's difficult to know for sure if the dream was behind what happened, or if it really was a premonitory dream!

Lots of things happen by chance

You've recently dreamt about getting promoted...and a week later, you really do get promoted! Right! You tell yourself that you've had a dream that was a premonition! But what about the time you dreamt you'd got the sack, but nothing actually happened? And the dream about driving a brand new car, did that come true? Because amongst all the dreams you have which involve your day-to-day life, a certain number will come true at some point. If you experience a situation just a short time after you've dreamt about it, you'll notice the coincidence. But going back to all the things that have happened in your dreams that haven't come true, are you sure you can talk about premonitions? Because often dreams are vague enough to allow for quite a wide interpretation...

Disturbing coincidences...

In spite of everything, so many things happen by chance that sometimes it can become disturbing! At least that's what one of the founding fathers of psychology, Carl Jung, thought. He assumed that a principle, which he named synchronicity, exists in order to explain some disturbing coincidences. The starting point of his thoughts was a dream which you could describe as being premonitory: he was seeing one of his female patients who was telling him about the dream she'd had the night before, which had a golden scarab beetle in it. Now it just so happened that a few moments later, a golden coleopteran beetle came and hit his window! In the context of these "meaningful coincidences", premonitory dreams could therefore find a place among them... But not everybody subscribes to Jung's theories.

Whatever the case may be, begin by trying to note down your dreams when you wake up so that you can have some kind of record of them. Then, even if they don't turn out to be premonitions, at least they'll be able to help you find out a bit more about yourself!

Posted 30.06.2010


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